Project Background

LINK to additional project information and background.

The program recommendations include the following:

1. 500 plus beds including Resident Assistant Rooms, two professional staff apartments and a Resident Faculty Apartment.

2. Consistent room layout that contains double rooms with an internal bathroom.

3. Academic Program Space in the form of a flexible learning commons

4. Approximate 145,000 gross square foot building area

5. 5 over 1 construction basis for structural design

7. Possible parking replacement for spaces lost due to development (this work will take place outside of this contract)

8. Open Space Development as required by the Campus Plan

9. LEED Gold Certification and other requirements as defined by the Oregon Model of Sustainable Development, within the Campus Plan.

10. Project design and construction to accommodate the ceremonial needs of the adjacent Many Nations Longhouse directly to the north of the site.

11. 100% Construction Documents for site preparation are scheduled to be complete by October 25, 2015 with the remainder of Construction Documents complete by January 1, 2016.

12. Construction substantial completion date of June 2017.